Bespoke Furniture

Material Concepts is a well known London bespoke furniture maker who has truly mastered his craft. Specialising in made to measure furniture, MC has designed pieces for some of Britain’s most beautiful homes over the past 20 years. Specifically for clients who want something truly unique to them and their home.
If you’ve been shopping around for particular bespoke furniture like sofa, bed or custom-made armchair for a while, and just can’t find what you’re after, visit one of our workrooms, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you. Our furniture is all made to measure, in London, from your design to delivery. We are happy to work with modern and antique furniture, bringing it back to its original state by repairing frames, re-springing, adding new fittings and re-polishing. An old favorite can be restored, giving your furniture a new lease of life. Our upholstery vans will collect and deliver within the M25, alternatively feel free to drop off your furniture at our workroom in Blackheath; we are open Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 5.00pm and at weekends by appointment. Frames: Furniture is generally made up of a variety of different wooden frames. Over time these frames can crack and screws, pegs, and tacks can become loose. Sue Whimster’s upholsterers can repair and reinforce wooden frames using a variety of craftsman techniques, such as joining, blocking and dwelling. Spring Systems: There are generally two types of spring systems in a chair – standard springs, which can be sinuous or drop-in-springs, and eight-way hand tied springs. We can replace or repair springs depending on their condition. Eight-way hand tied springs do cost more because the upholster must individually tie the heavy coil, sideways, back-to front and diagonally. Cushions, refills and padding: Seat cushions over time can lose their shape and softness; individual feathers can break down and disintegrate. We can refill these cushions with a variety of different fillings: foam, hypoallergenic, feathers or down, and in some instances horsehair. We can combine a high-density foam core, which then has different fillings wrapped around it, such as feathers. Cushions, pillows, padding and fills: Most cushions are made of a high-density foam core that is then wrapped with either soft polyester, feather and down, or a hypoallergenic down substitute. Dacron adds resilience so that pillows and seats keep their shape, while the wraps form a soft envelope. Cushions and pillows are usually sewn into cotton cases to ensure smooth upholstering.

Handmade Wooden Furniture

Are you looking to design any specific and unique piece of furniture that can easily fit a particular area of your home or office and complement the existing furniture or surroundings? Don’t look any further. Material Concepts is an exquisite bespoke furniture maker in South West London. We design and craft each furniture piece with great expertise.

Bespoke Furniture

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