Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

If you are looking for a bespoke piece of furniture, look no further. Create 100% unique bespoke bedroom furniture with Material Concepts, the perfect fit for you, and your home. We make soft, comfy made to measure sofas, armchairs, beds, headboards, chairs and footstools.

Material Concepts, bespoke furniture company where we believe in being yourself! With MC, you can create 100% unique furniture that’s yours to the last detail; the perfect fit for you, and your home. You can personalise any of our huge range with a few simple clicks, and we will send you your lovingly crafted bespoke kit. Are you ready to create a truly authentic living space to call your own?

Made-to-measure Furniture

Tall Headboard

Bespoke Armchair

Two Seat Sofa

Large Footstool

Storage Ottoman

Banquet Seating

We have been making soft furnishings for commercial and residential projects in the UK and around the world, for over twenty years, working with many of the world’s leading architects and designers.